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  Professional Thai Massage Trainings 

NCBTMB Approved Provider # 451987-12  NY Sponsor (offering CEs to NYS LMTs)


- 2024 -


Thai Yoga Massage - A Dynamic Healing Art

​Thai Massage/Thai yoga massage is a traditional healing system combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles and assisted yoga postures. Acupressure, stretching, rocking, conscious breathing, range of motion, and energy work are mixed together into a soothing and healing experience.

Thai Yoga Massage - Intro course (3CEs)

in New Paltz, NY

Wednesday, July 3rd from 1-4pm

Saturday, July 13th from 3-6pm

Tuesday, July 30th from 1-4pm

The Living Seed Yoga Center


Module 1 - The Dynamic Healing Art of Thai Yoga Massage (50 CEs)

(5 consecutive days)

in Accord, NY

May 20th - 24th

August 19th - 23rd

(Held over the course of 3 weekends)

in Kingston, NY

July 20th: 11am-7pm

July 21st: 11am-6pm

August 3rd: 20th: 11am-7pm

August 4th: 11am-6pm

August 17th: 12pm-7pm

August 18th: 11am-6pm


Thai Table Massage (24 CEs)

Thai Yoga Massage (for Table)

(3 consecutive days)

in Accord, NY

October 15th-17th


Module 2 - The Dynamic Healing Art of Thai Yoga Massage (50 CEs)

(5 consecutive days)

in Accord, NY

December 2nd - 6th


Courses take place at:

The Living Seed: 521 Main St, New Paltz, NY

Iris: 236 Towpath Rd, Accord, NY

Ascension Yoga: 307 Wall St. Kingston, NY


To REGISTER click here.

(cancellation policy below)

Any questions?

email or call Diana 845-641-5311

Develop strength, flexibility and fluidity of movement while
supporting and nourishing another!











Study Thai Yoga Massage with Diana in the beautiful Hudson Valley!
With 20 years of experience giving Thai Yoga Massage and 15 years teaching massage, Diana brings a sustained passion in sharing healing touch with others. Along with being an LMT, she is a Certified Yoga Instructor and Holistic Health Coach with a deep care and concern for the health of the Earth and humanity.
Enhance your engagement in life through a healthy and joyful offering!





3 hour course - see course dates above



Day 1: 9am-5pm
Day 2: 9am-5pm
Day 3: 5am-5pm


200 CE hour Modular Program

- 4 Modules total -

Each Module: 50 CEs


Day 1: 9am-5pm

Day 2: 9am-5pm & 7-9pm

Day 3: 9am-5pm

Day 4: 9am-5pm & 7-9pm

Day 5: 9am-5pm

To complete each module, students are required to give 3 hands-on 90 minute sessions plus complete and submit the accompanying coursework, within 1 month of the training, to receive a certificate of completion for that module.




Thai Table Massage (24CEs) is a sequence taught for giving Thai Yoga Massage on a massage table.  This course was created for folks unable to move easily in kneeling and squatting positions and for massage therapist working in small spaces with back to back clients, wanting to avoid changing the set up between sessions.  In this training, students will learn an hour long full-body sequence that moves the recipient through prone, supine and side-lying positions.  This course is intensive, moving at a fast clip.

Become a 200 hour certified Nuad Boran Practitioner!

Modular Program:  Steep in the richness of this art form!  Each module builds on the next. Working traditionally on a mat on the floor, the sequences taught will address the whole body-mind-spirit.  Diana provides detailed instruction on proper body mechanics for ease and longevity.  Modules include meditative practices, self-care movement exercises, and honing the sensitivities that support the efficacy of this work.

Explore the history and theory of Thai Yoga Massage and the Buddhist and Ayurvedic teachings that guide this work.  Learn a multitude of exercises to embody the essence of this practice.


In completing the 200 hour program, students will have learned numerous techniques to treat the recipient's needs through a variety of fluid sequencing moving through all of these positions: prone, supine, side-lying, sitting and lifted inversions. 


Diana's trainings bring students together, forming a supportive and fun-loving community while learning this beautiful art form!

Detailed instruction and individual attention are given.  

Each module is 50CEs: To complete each module, students are required to give 3 hands-on 90 minute sessions plus complete and submit the accompanying coursework, within 1 month of the training, to receive a certificate of completion for that module.

Description of the Modules:

Mod 1 - Introductory sequence and basic principles (90 min sequence)

Forming the Sangha, History, Theory, Metta, 3 Jewels, 4 Immeasurables Brahmaviharas, Alter & Elements (Doshas), Butterfly Touch and Body mechanics. (Daily Tonic - Circulatory Tea)


Mod 2 -  Building the sequence and Ayurvedic energetics (90 min sequence) 

Nadis, Vayus, Doshas (body types), Koshas. Cultivating awareness of how energy moves (both for client and practitioner). (Neuromuscular Tea)


Mod 3 - Integrative Thai massage with western modalities (90 min sequence) 

Neuromuscular reeducation through movement (KAM and Dynamic Thai), trigger point therapy and anatomy of kinesiology. (Nervine Tea and organ support)


Mod 4 - Advanced sequence including how to work without following a sequence (60 min sequence of advanced moves). Treatment protocols that demonstrate: body reading, addressing common pathologies, and additional traditional treatment techniques: herbal compress, balms/oils & tok sen. Dosha behaviors. (Skeletal Tea and dosha balancing)

For the 24 CE and each 50 CE training, students will receive:

  • a binder of detailed information with images

  • descriptions of each move

  • a video of the sequence

  • wholesome snacks and nourishing tea

Diana's patience and care in teaching

this beautiful and intricate art form

have been noted time and again. 


3CE Course: $90 (A Dynamic Healing Art - An Introduction to the Practice)

Students will receive a ​handout of information along with caring guidance for hands-on practice.

24CE Course: $720 (Thai Table Massage)

200 CE Program

Modules 1-4: 50CEs each at $1250  Register for full program: $4000 (save $1000)

Those who have taken an Intensive or Immersion with Diana may receive 40% off Module 1 for a total of $750.  If this applies to you please contact Diana before registering.  

NOTE: Do not sign up for Module 2 if you haven't yet taken Module 1. The Modules build on one another, Module 1 is a prerequisite for Module 2.

REGISTRATION FORM and PAYMENT (For 3CE registration on 5/1 please text Diana.)

Cancelation policy: Full refund up until a month before the course. 10% retained for cancellations within a month of the course. 1/2 of tuition for cancellations within 7 days of the course.

An email confirmation will be sent to you to verify registration and payment, and to answer any questions.

Please feel free to call with any questions if you prefer talking instead of emailing:

Diana Brenes Seiler, LMT


OTHER OFFERINGS: Please inquire if interested in having Diana come to your facility. 

ACUPRESSURE FOR NURSES - a course designed and taught at the Montrose VA Hospital in 2014 and 2015, currently available for training nurses in hospitals, assisted living centers and other care facilities.

Join me in the sweet bliss of presence felt through loving touch! ~Diana


Registration is achieved after filling out the form and sending payment. 


If you have any questions, send a text or call.

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