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Image by Lina Trochez

School Vision

Diana's Homework - 

Go through each module and decide on what moves will be in sequence, what main concepts will be included and what materials will be in the SIMPLIFIED manual.




Mod 1 "Introductory sequence and basic principles" - (90 min sequence) Metta, Body mechanics, history, sangha, 4 immeasurables "Brahmaviharas"  (compassion, equanimity, love-kindness, sympathetic joy), alter & elements (doshas) butterfly touch. - Make one of your workshops this FIRST MODULE (all positions, daily tonic - circulatory tea)


Modify manual -


Mod 2 "Advanced sequence and Ayurvedic energetics" (90 min sequence) (nadis, vayus, doshas (body types), koshas .... cultivate your own awareness of how energy moves, both for client and practitioner) 

Make another one of your workshops this MODULE ( neuro-muscular tea)


Mod 3 "Integrative Thai massage with western modalities" neuromuscular reeducation through movement (KAM), trigger point therapy and anatomy of kinesiology (nervine tea) - review of two previous sequences: adding to the Advanced sequence and how to work without following a sequence. dosha behaviors.


Mod 4 "Thai massage for table and treatment protocols" (60 min sequence that demonstrates: body reading, pathologies, herbal treatments: tea for different doshas (their imbalances and medicine to balance), additional traditional treatment techniques: herbal balls, oils & tok sen)


Elective Courses:

- Abdominal massage (digestive tea, physiology and treatment protocols)

- Supportive Practices for the therapist

-Thai Table Massage (20CE)




Revise all sequences, what moves are advanced?  

What is the the evolution of difficulty for practitioner? (Execute harder and harder moves, and then incorporate Dynamic TM into each move)  

How do you incorporate every body position for receiver?



200hr cert 


Test out of program ?

6 non contact hours 

Public/community clinic placement


1 major promo video w interview, 1 major intro video just Broll and VO

1 video to describe each module (4)

video of each sequence (4?)

photos of sequence

New manuals - Canva? - streamline design 

Revise sequences to target the module themes 

Sort our language of massage or bodywork

Each module is 1k$ (4k total)  

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